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#94304 - oh well you've seen them before theres no harm done now she left her bikini top off which i didn't object to of course. She must of dozed off because i started to hear her gentle snoring so i stopped and continued to paddle by now it was about 4pm and it was really hot so i thought i'd get a drink, the drinks cooler was just under my moms leg so i thought i'd try and get it without waking her, i slowly pulled out a drink without waking her i opened it and i think she must have been fully asleep because she turned over exposing her beautiful 30A breasts to me I couldn't help it i got hard straight away and all these fantasys ran through my head at that moment she woke up a bit in a daze she didnt even notice she didnt have her bikini top on, John honey, what time is it I quickly responded It's 10 past 5 and erm mom i pointed at her breasts she became very red and simply said oh, my bad. I knew i didn't have think twice about that Sur


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