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#310329 - Giggling I yelled, You need to stop grandfather, you dirty old man! My grandfather replied, Just hold still Tara, you're going to give me some pussy! I yelled back giggling, No I won't, this is incest, I'm your granddaughter asshole, plus you're 71 years old and I'm 19 years old and you have a bad heart, now quit! Come on now, someones going to walk in and see this! as I was squirming trying to get up, he managed to get my wedding gown all the way up to my hips.   Kenny replied, Yes Tara, yes yes please, I've never had a girl suck on my dick before! With my arms down in front me and my fingers interlaced, as I strolled over to Kenny I said, You haven't, well Kenny when you leave this bedroom you will no longer be able to say that, because I'm going to let you stick your penis in my mouth and I'm going to suck on it! I stood in front of him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. m.

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