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#136509 - I knew I had no choice so before I stood up I adjusted it so it wasn't poking out no wonder am a genius, when I got I there did the same but Angela had realised it before I had my dick was pointing straight at her I don't know how but it was after we got introduced time flew before I knew it I was walking home from school with Angela behind me. I had to rub my dick up and down for lubrication and to think I learned that very important information from porn not the poor education system, after that I had to search for her opening this is a lot of work just to get some. When we arrived I couldn't believe what I was hearing that she wants my cock but hey don't have to tell me twice she was how she always wanted to talk to me since we moved here last month but didn't know where to start my face must have said it all because she said'' I thought we would never have a chance to be together I was waiting for the Monday tragedy when she s

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Making my pussy so wet saying such sweet things
I like it