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#71393 - After she got her shoes and stood up I continued to pretend I was asleep I was just waiting for her to leave so I could give myself some relief with the image of her pussy and ass but she seemed to have went quiet and I couldn't sense any movement at which point I heard her taking a step to the side of the bed and the next thing i knew the sheet that was covering my lower half was being gently pulled down over my cock then once again silence for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only thirty seconds or so and the next thing I felt was a warm hand caressing the underside of my hard cock at that moment I had one of the best ideas of my life I gently groaned my wife's name, Katie stopped but as I kept on saying my wife's name she returned to stroking me I wondered how far this would go but just at that I heard a door slam elsewhere in the house and Katie stopped stroking me and left the room boy was I so frustrated but on the upside there was a plan formulating i

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Damn nice
Osamu mikumo
Whata her name
Houtarou oreki
The camera work in all their hentais is terrible i would never buy one sawhores pay attention