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#151468 - Tears running down my face from the pain then I slip back into the darkness the only thought that kept me going was that I will survive this if only to kill the damn warden with my bare hands ** (Jack Bulkins point of view)** I had a nightmare as I slept I was in a long alley with a intense feeling I was being chased. I was finally caught the place had pounds of white, sharp, and grade A zombie all different narcotics that I don't touch or even let dealers set up shop, but the evidence was stacked against me sure I could've wasted tons of credit on fighting the case or use it all to bribe the warden in the newly established corps funded Arena where I'm going to be sent to. I felt sick to my stomach and went to the toilet and began to puke up a watery fluid probably some funky after effect from the food I ate last night.

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Rukia kuchiki
I dream that every girl was into that sort of thing but in reality we go to jail for that sort of thing
Blue rose
Fucking kill the jews