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#5719 - And I assisted Kieran in cleaning his cock, testicles and his pubic hair where spunk had oozed out, akin to lots of men when Kieran finished fucking me, he quickly dressed and ready to leave, in the case of David and Kieran they dressed and adjusted their attire, I offered to give them lift to one of their regular hostelries that served after hours. David hurriedly vacated the armchair and positioned his fully clothed crotch against my buttocks, David uttered I'm going to fuck your asshole, David undid his belt and dropped his trousers and classic cotton white style briefs down to his ankles he gyrated his cock against my silky panty covered arse. My knickers were a satin nylon material that prominently displayed the stained spunk Kieran had ejaculated.

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Yuri tamura
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