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#332158 - I renovated the factories and Storage houses converting them into large houses with pools and large gardens. I then instantly changed her opinion of me from anger to attraction and made her quite horny masking it with a sense of electricity running up her arm from our touch  I'm soo sorry I did didn't mean to d-do that she stuttered awkwardly as I handed her the small bundle of papers I had in my hands and offered to walk with her which she quickly accepted    The rest of the day was pretty boring and dull as I had already guessed it would be considering that I have went through the school systems of various countries quite literally over 30,000 times. My files say I am Alexander Prometheus, my mother an father were Perseus and Andromeda Prometheus who were hugely rich business owners who owned Ferrari, Porsche, Lambourgini, Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen, several jewellery and clothing shop chains, a few weapons manufacturing facilities, several Flight service companie

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