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#120846 - When they let me up, I asked Carol how she felt about trying a small horse, her mouth said no, but her eyes said yes, so with ease, I helped her back onto the frame, at no time did she say no, any more, Steve brought up one of his smaller horses, the guys cheered her on as I gave her amyl. Joy and I used the douche, then Carol used it again, saying, she was keen to try more anal, I told her she would end up with more cum in her ass if the guys had their way, as most prefer anal over pussy now. Steve and us played, Carol now keen to have us fuck her ass and open it up ready for the onslaught we expected later, Joy was already taking one of the dogs and I was next, Carol also now eyied of the dog knowing how it felt last night when he fucked her, I said not yet, he's going in your ass later once your ready, she looked shy, but said OK.

Read Infiel Oshiete! Azusa-san. - The idolmaster Black Cock Oshiete! Azusa-san.

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Alisha diphda
Bruh the beginning had me crying lol
The name is fandel tales