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#321732 - AH OH, when they little Wahine's what be late, being made lunch the headmaster said standing behind Ranma and Akane watching the 5 unlucky girls as they were being taken to the cafeteria, or were they the lucky ones?, some of the unstamped girls definitely thought they were. Well then we will have to get more meat He said looking into the dining room where the rest of the family were sitting letting their food settle, Ranma and Genma of course were not there having departed back to the dojo to finish their fight, Father, you don’t plan to roast Akane do you? Kasumi said having seen him eyeing her from his position in the kitchen, Well Kasumi you know how expensive meat is, and she is all that we have left Soun said with a tear in his eye. Several days later IM HOME Akane said as she slid the front door open and kicked off her shoes followed by Ranma with the same look of confusion on his face he had since the day they helped Ukyo fulfill her dream, What's f

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