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#180906 - In my mental distraction I blocked out the continued footsteps as she circled to my right side, crossed my right buttock, notified “two” then brought the paddle down onto my right buttock with similar strength to the first stroke. Finally I kept my focus on her protruding clit, licking, sucking, nibbling, flicking until in a spasm of epic proportions she cried out in ecstasy as her whole body shuddered to a raging orgasm as her legs started to give way limiting my access to her clit – releasing her hands I quickly lifted up her hips and slipped my face underneath her wrapping my arms round her thighs to allow her no escape from my continued tonguing. ” I said half stepping into her doorway, before being cut off “This is very disappointing” she said tersely, snatching the envelope out of my hand I was completely stunned and stammered some jibberish as I tried to understand what I had done wrong.

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