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#298088 - Meanwhile dad is sitting in his bedroom having heard what i had said he was scared as to what i was going to do to him. Julie sees i have been wiping the tears away just after mum left her office “Oh Mark what has happened?” “Oh Julie you won’t believe what i found when i got home this morning” “What is it Mark?” I found Melissa and my dad fucking on my Parents bed i took photos of them and just showed my mum and she has gone home to confront him “What” I don’t believe Melissa would do that to you” so i showed her my camera and she went through the photos i had taken a few minutes ago “OH Mark I’m so sorry i didn’t believe you” and she grabs me and hugs me as the tears start again “It’s ok Mark let the tears out it will do you good” I hug her tight as i let the tears flowed Soon after mum returns to her office where Julie is still hugging me Julie lets me go and i stand up to hug mum. I’m into photography and I am a whiz on the computer i can do almost everything on a compu

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I would love to be abused like this by these guys
Chikane himemiya
Are this wheelchair guy to a family honestly many wheelchair guys still get hard