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#365079 - Behold, all around you; Eyes eloquent but mute, Searching, staring, longing, Unable to refute Their consuming hunger, The undying fire That burns and keeps on burning In the prison called Desire! Each night somewhere they gather, The so-called unattached And there rehearse in silence The lies that they have hatched. ” His mates all laugh and stir him But they couldn’t with for more. Their eyes shall join those others That stare out of the gloom; The famished and the weary That haunt each smoky room, Longing for but a moment To quell the raging fire That burns the heart to ashes In the furnace of desire!.

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Sheryl nome
Wow my mom
Kaguya luna
Just got addicted to you haha
Sora kazesawa
Wow i fkn love milfs sadly for now im only in the teen college category
Makoto isshiki
Maybe related to the cranial death grip he had on her awesome
Any more of her
Phoenix wright
What filth is this