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#13216 - ” Yeah it was and I nearly gave up the act right there and then, but I wanted to see if you would tell me about the electrician or not, it is important honey, if we are going to play we do it together otherwise it is cheating and that would be hard for our marriage to survive, OK” “I know Jim, I agree, I wanted to tell you about the electrician but I could not force myself to say that I had been raped, which I was initially but after that intense orgasm I had enjoyed it was not right to say that I was forced into it, so when you asked me what had happened for the afternoon I thought best not to say anything, I am sorry darling” replied Jan. Jan told me that Jenny (her name we were later to find out) rubbed a hand up her leg whilst fitting the shoes and commented on how nice they looked. Then the egg was turned on ever so slightly and the anal invader was turned to low also, at this time my attention went completely to her nipples whilst I watched her body below, she started squirmin

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