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#158859 - After several very interesting ‘tanning sessions’ I decided to take things a little further with a few selected regular guys – they’d begged whilst wanking their yummy cocks to let them touch my tits or show them my pussy and to spray their cum all over me, so I figured, I always get so frigging horny, why not? A few guys had became loyal followers so the next time I hit the beach I only told them where I would be and waited - I’d selected a spot on our regular beach that was more secluded (my regular spot was usually directly in front of the car park) but and as I was setting up my lounger I noticed someone watching me from the bushes that surrounded my new ‘fun’ area. I told them to sit down as I was going to slowly strip for them, lay in the middle of the blanket and then I was all theirs to do with as they wish, I was so hot and horny I had to stop myself from ripping my clothes off and diving into the middle of these horny men.

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