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#246052 - Before i knew it i had 3 fingers inside her ass, mom was rocking back n forth to my fingers, then in-between moans, i could barley hear her say, “stop son, stop, i want your cock in my ass now” so i grab my rock hard 8inch cock and position it right to the entrance of her tight hole, slowly i try to push my head into her ass, but it was really tight, after a couple of failed attempts, i decided to just shove it in her ass, as i shove all my 8inches, it worked, and my mom gasped in pain as she wasn't expecting me to just slam it in her, slowly i kept pumping my cock in and out of her tight asshole. Both of our breathing started to pick up, as i reached around and grabbed her breasts and started licking and kissing her neck, we did this for quite a while, then she stopped and turned around and then turned me around, she then grabbed a small towel and got it wet and started to clean my asshole, i was very confused at what she was doing, but didn't care cause it cause it fel

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Riko izayoi
So cute
Junta teshima
Very nice hentai i often use it to finish myself off you are amazing