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#311881 - we all got out and when i drove home i didnt realize i was being followed by darrel,i parked went inside and took a shower while my food cooked,but i didnt know darrel was inside my home and he slipped a sleeping pill in my drink downstairs while i was drying off and he hid in the closet while i ate then took a drink then headed to bed i fell asleep,very deep sleep because of the pill and woke up in darrel's basement,jason beside me still asleep our hands tied to a pipe in the ceiling and dan asleep in a chair with his 6 cock splayed on his lap with his hand gripping it and darrel came in and saw me awake he stood there staring at jason and me when jason woke he said You Guys Will Enjoy Tomorrow. he said Honey!.

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Xoxo little lavender
Insanely hot
Mei sunohara
Gorgeous girl
Hanbei takenaka
You should do a full hentai with a blowjob like in the beginning of this one so fucking hot p s nice photo of both of you