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#27399 - She was sound asleep and looked so sexy she has a small waste and tits that fit perfectly in your hands she has an ass that can make you stare forever, she was laying there sleeping and she was so sexy I was insanly hard, I went over to her and started touching her feet I starter rubbing my dick on her feet and after a minute a started to rub her tits she slept in a t shirt without a bra and a thong so I went under her shirt and rubbed her nipples then I began to rub her slit and it felt amazing I got down and began to kiss it, before I knew it I had such a raging hard on it hurt so I went to her face and put my dick on her forehead and rubbed it around her face I started to rub her lips and I did for awhile I went down and began to kiss her I slowly slid my tounge in and started to make out with her while I jacked off after her lips were nice and wet I spit on my dick and rubbed it on her lips more it felt so amazing pree cum started to leek out then I began to stick it In her mouth h

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