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#113535 - The meeting of Conway Street Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Teddi Graves called for order, Okay ladies, let's quiet down and get ready for business!!! The twelve naked females between the ages of 26 and 58 all sat down and waited for Teddi to start the meeting! It looks like were all here, she began while surveying the crowd, I guess everybody has the itch today!!! A titter of laughter rolled across the room as the women looked sheepishly at one another, but Teddi quickly asked for order and continued on, As usual, we have a young man from the local college to entertain us, and I'm sure that you'll all be more than pleased with his performance, but we also have a special treat for all of us tonight!!! Everyone's interest was piqued when Teddi mentioned a special treat, and an excited murmur quickly passed among the women!!! As you probably all know, Teddi added, that Katie has missed quite a few sessions do to her

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