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#6101 - Not to brag but apparently I am really smart along with three guys and ten other girls me being included with the guys, I try to remember all of their names but its hard enough to just remember one for me and/ that name is mine which is jack or Joe maybe Jones but ill go with jak cause its easy to remember and also its the name of a favorite video game of mine. Tomorrow being Saturday I go to the dojo where I learn martial arts. Im sitting on the couch until I hear something to the left of me until I realize that she teleported right next to me in all but a simple towel covering her body then im instantly hard “ I forgot that I didn't have any clothes with me and I still took the shower” “well you can use my clothes if you want” “no its alright I kind of like sleeping naked” she looks down and sees the tent in my pants, “well I was wondering where I was going to sleep?” thinking fast I said we only had one bed so she could sleep in my bed and me in my couch unfortunately I was s

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