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#317412 - She was squirming in her place brathin heavily, I started to suck and lick on her clit and she was moaning reallll hard and I started to toungue fuck her, “ ummmm ur soo sweeet my lady, I bet I would love to be ur slave” “ ahhhhhhhh u bastard ur sooo gooood, oh god oh god oh god IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she aquirted all over my face , it was the most deleicous taste I had ever tasted. “ here slave , start massaging my feet hrrry up u son of bitch’ I immediately started to massage he feet with all the sensation I got, touching every prt of her feet sending small electric impulses to all her body, I kept massaging her feet while she was in her chair closing her eyes enjoying the feet massage. ” “ for every lesson I give u I want u to be my slave for two hours how about that….

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Ale brzydka szamta
Nice cleaning positions lol she has an amazing body a guy can only dream
The anal insertion scene is just fucking great reminds me of my saturday night and mmmm