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#135860 - This time when he cum, she told us to hold him in, as long as possible, then shoot the rest over her tits, we did, causing more cheering and applause from the guys, as the horse backed off, guys flooded her mouth with cum, then I told them to wash her off, without being able to move, she took it all, her face and hair soaked in piss, a couple of guys pissed in her pussy and ass too, while she lay there. Within seconds both girls had more hands and cocks going for them, I lay back, my cock still inside Jan felt good, as another joined me in her ass Jan’s orgasm got going. I took time to speak to Steve again, he was more than happy with the number of guys last night and said Saturday night should be busier still, also he told me he brought in 4 new horses for us, three we had used last night, as well as some of his, but one was maybe too big.

Read Stepdaughter Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei land 1.5 Goudoubon Pale Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei land 1.5 Goudoubon

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