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#152994 - With that I started kissing her again, and my fingers found her still soaked pussy and I got her going again in only a few minutes, and I flicked her clit roughly, to get her off faster, and she erupted with a shriek in minutes! Now see what I can do for you baby? I do see it…mmmm… We cuddled for a bit, and then jumped into the shower together and scrubbed each other clean with some giggling and laughter, and then after we got ourselves clothed, I took her to a mall and got her a few more clothing items as well as some nice lingerie. That was fine, I love making out, but it was time to teach her that pleasure was a two way street, so I stood back up and pulled her to her feet. Perky and bouncing high, she had an amazing body, and I knew what I wanted to do with it, but that would have to wait.

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