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#73204 - Since Heathers mum works so hard and sometimes for long hours Heather is often left home alone for a few hours every night until around 8pm when her mum comes home, Heather doesn’t mind her mum being gone so long as she get her homework done and has dinner for her mum ready for when she gets home, at 5pm Heather heads up to her room to get ready for her bath she gets undressed and touches her full breasts massaging them as her mother told her to do to easy any pain she may have then she grabs her clothes and heads to the bathroom turns on the taps and gets the bubbles ready she steps into the warm water and slips deep into the water as she relaxes after a fairly busy day with school and more homework than was usual then cooking dinner but she didn’t mind one bit. John put his arms out and Heather stepped into his arms and they kissed with tongues, while kissing John slipped her dress of her shoulders as it fell to the ground she stepped out of it then John undid her bra and took it o

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