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#357705 - Our fucking grew faster her whimpers got louder; l was gripping her hips tight slamming my hard cock deep into my sister. I wiped what cum that was covering my shaft over her bum cheeks then put my cock away, l heard Vicky say “that was a knee trembler” then stood upright to adjust her clothing and we left the alley to make our way home. Her pussy was hot and dripping, it felt fantastic, l kept my cock firmly wedged deep inside my sister to savour the sensation of her warm very wet love hole gripping my shaft before easing my cock almost to the point of sliding from her hole then gently eased myself back inside her, l could feel my sister’s inner pussy muscles rippling over my shaft the deeper l buried my cock the more it heightened the sensation l was feeling, l slowly slid my shaft out again, Vicky let out a soft low moan and pushed herself backwards onto my cock.

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How did the phone get down there lmao
Kate takenomiya
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