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#97961 - The taste was different it was saltier and you can smell sweat. I know how this thing was going to end; it won't be over until he cums so I gave him the blowjob I always wanted to get; I put the head in my mouth and started to deep throat myself I couldn't get it all in just the head and a small part but the sound of me shocking and the spit all over his dick turned him on because I could hear loud moans then I put his balls in my out and started massaging his balls and tossing them in mouth afterwards I licked him from his balls all the way over to the head I could see that he enjoyed it and then put my tongue slightly under the head and started going up and down I could hear him moan and groan and telling me your good best blowjob then I started blowing it again my jaw was tired so I closed it a little bit and he could feel my teeth on his dick not just my lips and mouth, he was cut so I bit his head for a while putting my tongue in the crack of his penis and tacking

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