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#228564 - She broke apart form the kiss looking at the cub with a naughty grin on her face she sat him down on the ground as she walked over a few feet away form him laying on the ground smiling sexy she patted her pussy in front of the leopard grinning come lick mommy pussy baby you know you want it. Thor said he’ll yes you are the most beautiful sexy woman in the world the only one I want to have sex with forever he heard a growl next to him looking down to see Krohn staring up at Gwen with a smirk on his face. Krohn caught Gwendolyn scent nearby as he started running toward it Thor chased after him in a hurry soon they came across a big tree Krohn stopped in his track while Thor looked around Gwen was nowhere in sight was she just using him did she not have real feeling for him at all he put his face in his hands Krohn walked up to him and lick him Thor looked up at him and give him a big hug this leopard was the only thing he needed in the world forever.

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