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#389206 - After eating their fill of burgers and fries, Bill pointed the big Lincoln west on I-80, and the miles melted away like butter on hot pancakes unitl at about ten o'clock that evening the lights of Denver glowed in the far off distance. On the western edge of Denver she was trying to thumb a ride but was having not luck, so around noon she dropped in on a greasy spoon for a burger to stop the hunger pangs that were growling in her stomach. The bitch riding Jill's face was having orgasm after orgasm courtesy of Jill's wandering tongue while Jill's cunt muscles contracted around the thick meat in her pussy, driving both she and Duke over the orgasmic edge! Both of them roared, Duke out loud, and Jill into open cunt of the woman riding her drooling mouth as their organs whipsawed back and forth in an orgasmic explosion!!! After several moments of recuperation, Duke announced it was time for the final initiation.

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