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#409131 - “Fuck!,” biting his fist “do we have to tan her hide, can’t we just fuck the information out of her?” MacLean is about to chime in when the two way radio bust out “Candi if you can hear this we’re on our way” “Fuck, Company soon Hullette!” Hullette, crop in hand “Who was that blondie?” no reply earns Candi another strike from the crop across her upper thighs Stifling a gasp of pain “Pieter” Hullette grabs a handful of her hair “Listen to me and listen good I’m gonna let you call back,” Pulling her head back to meet his “You better convince him that you’re alright and that he should turn around and go back!” The riding crop coming to rest across her throat “Understand blondie?” “MacLean hold the two way to her face!” Speaking to Oscar Put your knife to her tit, gut her if she reveals anything about us!” One more pull on her hair “Make it believable!” tapping her throat with the crop “Pieter do you copy?” waiting for a response before continuing “If you can hear

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