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#309134 - As this skimpy top hardly covers my 44” hangers leaving my big nipples barely covered and so much of my tits and cleavage exposed that I might just as well be wearing nothing! The mini skirt covers even less, I am a big woman with a big ass and the skirt is so short it only covers about half of my big soft white bottom in the back! But the front is even worse as my well used older cunt lips and clitoris are hanging down far enough that they can easily be seen just below where the skirt ends! I have put on the heels and am having trouble trying to stand as they are for a much smaller lighter woman. He helped me by sticking several of his fingers into the folds of my dripping cunt and forcefully lifted me as his big black finger went into me even deeper, as I was trying to climb into the back of the van. And a slut is much like both, a whore and a nymphomaniac that will do almost anything with anyone when it comes to sex.

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I need this kind of treatment daily
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