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#383370 - Well I just had to fuck her again, my cock filling her butt quickly, right down to my balls, as I worked her to more orgasms, I asked what was the best part of the night, she said being totally at their mercy, restrained and not being able to do any thing. Friday night around 6. She said, fucking me like that, and me not being able to move away was so hot, she had always wanted to push me further, but I always moved, so tonight she didn’t give in, knowing of course that should I be hurt or really in pain I could have told her, I gave her one almighty hug and said, That was great I have never been fucked any where near as good as you did tonight, and lets hope I can hold on next time so you can do it to me more often, she smiled saying “Yes” she would like that” as we slipped into sleep.

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