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#133308 - I held my hand out to Brett and he hauled himself up looking me in the eye, “I deserved that, we are now even I hope” “even” I said and shook his hand “Sorry mate I never realised” said Rod as he slapped him on the back and guided us towards the shower. As the week went on Rod hardly talked to me and was stepping out of the room to make phone calls making me even more suspicious so on Friday night as he finished packing the 4WD I made up my mind to go but didn’t want to give anyone any warning, I quickly packed a bag and grabbed a sleeping bag “I think I will join you after all” and walked inside to grab my bag. The guys were flirty but respectful although Rod was still in a mood and wandered off to bed early, I said goodnight to the guys and joined him as I was pretty damn horny.

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Sasaki saku
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Amber hearts
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