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#345112 - I don''t actually remember the details of my first encounter but I do remember the feelings of the moment, the intense shortness of breath, legs shaking and an erection that was pointing vertically and bouncing, slapping in fact, against my belly and drooling a little clear bead for the first time. It looked big and juicy and my hand was itching to touch, I wanted to rub it and smell it and roll the skin back and forwards and feel the juice at the eye and rub it round the head . I slowly wrapped my hand around the shaft and squeezed gently, he pushed into my hand a little so I squeezed again and started a small wanking motion slowly sliding the skin back and forth, catching the goo and pulling it in shiny strands across the bell end, as I found the rhythm and pressure that he seemed to like he started to thrust gently into my hand and I got confident and the idea of smelling him occurred to me.

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Momoko hanasaki
I haven t seen a mess that big since anakin killed the younglings lmao