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#320148 - Right as i was about to cum she took my cock out pointed at her boobs and looked up and gave me a naughty smile, and then, you guessed it, release. I saw that nacarssas locker was still open i looked at the note again there were parts that i hadn't read yet the next line read i know! God if i ever get the chance, i will at least give him a blojob! just a blowjob? I would have sex with him so many times my pussy would over flow! ( which it did ) i put the note back and continued walking, i stopped and went into the principles office to search for them, but all i found was a paper, it read at the end of second quarter, this school is to be closed indefinitely, demolition will not be preformed, instead, in two years the school will be up for sale to any school district, or even businesses.   We cleaned up, and walked down the hall sharing few laughs.

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