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#123438 - I had the frustration u have as I looked over I saw her face her eyes her clothes her body everything was perfect about Her Something about her made her look different but sexy noticing I was starring at her she cleared her throat then asking if there was something wrong I said no and smiled a little knowing she cought me then I said sorry I didn't mean to stare it's just you seem very comfortable more then when your with your friends she said yeah. How I said when your with your friends u clench your jaw right now your jaw isn't clinched it looks realaxed she said you noticed that I said iv been starring at you every moment in school that I'm there I made her blush a little then she looked at me dead in the eyes I don't know if I should be offended ar complemented I said I'm no creeper I just know the most beautiful girl iv ever seen is walking down the hall walking and talking to me then I noticed what made her look sexier as I looked Back in to these d

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