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#28293 - He said wow what a sexy aunty you have got there Ben. We waited for a time that everybody was outside the house for a long time so that we can have enough time. So one Thursday afternoon we took our positions and waited for her to come home, Emma arrived at about seven o'clock we sat down by her window waiting for her to come in and change, then after a few minutes she came in, closed the door behind her looked at the mirror and started to undress starting with her shirt reveling her beautiful chest and taking off her bra next then she started with her skirt showing us her great looking thighs , at last she took off her black panty, then we were shocked to see her naked shaved pussy it was a nice little one , but her ass was large and sexy looking, she then bent over to pick up some thing we were able to see her wounderful pink soft ass hole, she then grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom.

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