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#231468 - Since I was satisfy I decided to leave I put my clothes on and with a last kiss to both of them I leave planning on work some muscles so I can try and strangle my next victims. So this is my first story with necrophilia and murder so I hope you enjoy it and if you see some orthographic error sorry about my born language is Spanish but I can speak and read English but writing is not exactly my fort so bear with it. The other girl (her name is Jessica) was a little bit shorter than the blonde, she has brunette hair with a little bit of red (so despite the fact that I live in the same apartment building for 2 years I never realize that she had those little strips of red maybe that was her original hair color I don’t know I always saw her hair black) she, like her lover, has a nice figure, her breast was perfect and always that I have an opportunity I stare at her boobs without her noticing while in the elevator.

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See you told me one thing and now its another you been bad bad and good good