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#62385 - I had some years before thought about this; I don’t think any male hadn’t thought about fucking his sister and visa versa, but I had never acted on it, now I wish I had as the feeling I was having were mind blowing. But I let this pass as I saw Julie’s naked form before me. Sophie said she understood but still asked why I couldn’t show her, finally Rachel dropped her head in her hands, “It looks like nothing we say will change her mind” I saw Sophie smile, “So what are you saying”? looking to Sophie Rachel said, “If we let this happen, no one should ever know” “I wont tell mom, I don’t want you or daddy going away” Rachel looked at me, “Well it’s down to you, do you want to help your daughter with her home work, or not”? “Oh thanks, leave it down to me, if I say no, then she’ll be unhappy, if I say yes, then what does this say about me, I want to fuck our daughter” pulling me into a kiss Rachel told me, “Go on then, take her to bed” Sophie jumped to her feet and held her hand out

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